• Amethyst Baroque does it again!

    We had a gas at three concerts, in Macon, Atlanta and Athens Ga. The group just keeps getting better, and I am blessed to be a part of it! Pics and media coming!

  • YouTube channel passes 40k views!

    YouTube channel passes 40k views!
  • We had a blast at the Hay House!

    We had a blast at the Hay House!

    Soprano Krysta Therieau and moi had a wonderful time at our concert at the Hay House; Greatest Hits of 1650...The HH music room is one of the most perfect acoustical rooms I have ever experienced. We were honored to perform there, and we thank Ennis and the staff!

  • Fantastic experience at Bach Ascending!

    I had a super experience playing two sold out concerts under the auspices of Bach Ascending in Savanna. Audiences were wonderful and Tom, Marge and the staff were perfect hosts. I also enjoyed out duetting with Tom on their new harpsichord. I hope to do more in the future!


  • Towards a Shining Light Premiere!

    I have been priveleged to be a part of the 50 for 50 Global Composer Project. This is a collage on brand new works by composers all over the world - some 25 countries. All works are just one minute long. My ditty arrives at 17.38


  • Sol Divino debut concert!


  • I have been selected to participate in the international 50 by 50 project:

    50 composers from 25 countries around the world were invited to write a 1-minute self-portrait, scored for trio of clarinet, viola, and piano. This unprecedented project is bringing together music creatives with an amazing diversity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds and compositional styles, ranging from traditional/contemporary Classical and Film music to innovative jazz, fusions, and experimental music. The self-portraits will be presented in early December 2023 as one continuous collage in live performances by trios in Australia, The Netherlands and the USA.
    Does music represent unity or diversity? Can a composer speak directly to a listener of who they are through 1 minute of music?
    More news to come!

  • Private concert for the Albany Ga. History buffs.

    Private concert for the Albany Ga. History buffs.

    It was a pleasure to play a private concert for visitors on this house tour. Many had never seen or heard a harpsichord.

  • Great Events at St. Joseph!

    Great Events at St. Joseph!

    Christmas was a blast at St Joseph!

  • New Baroque Lute by Luthier Ammar Bisner

    New Baroque Lute by Luthier Ammar Bisner

    I am the grateful recipient of a superb new lute by the Bosnian builder Ammar Bissner. The lute is modelled on a 17th century instrument by Hoffmann. The equisite fingerboard inlay is hand carved by Ammar.
    Stay tuned for announcements of recordings and concerts.


  • Review by Jacob Bitmas, Early Music Alliance

    Review by Jacob Bitmas, Early Music Alliance

    Here's a review of the Amythyst Baroque concert, by Jacob Bitmas of the Atlanta Early Music Alliance. I have to admit, rarley has my theorbo playing been described as "astounding"!

  • What a blast!

    What a blast!

    Man, what fun we had at the Ametheyst Baroque mini tour through middle Georgia. Can't wait to do it again! Here are some pics.

  • New collection of works!

    Peace Pieces


    …The world we live in seems to become more and more attached to violence as a solution to long-term problems of humanity. I believe that each of us must with the help of God, find the way to solve differences with each other, and the start of such peaceful being, though modest, begins within each of us and our families. Creativity, music and art is a way of expressing peace, joy and belonging, as well as expressing sorrow, lament grief and acceptance. Music has the power to change our hearts, and the measure of a good society is that culture’s openness to the transforming effect of music.This collection of short pieces all are concerned with these themes, and were written during the tumultuous years of 2021-22. As well, all these little kinder share in some way a motivic kinship, that is, the ancient “Ave Maria” Chant, which is a most beautiful prayer for peace.

    Leonard Bernstein: "This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before."

  • Third Thursday Concert at St.Joseph!

    Now in it's 18th year, Third Thursday Concerts introduce many to the pipe organ.
    My program featured Bach, a New work
    in Memory of Marilyn Mason", and music of Dom Paul Benoit

  • Several of my recent works were recorded by the prolific and brilliant Carson Cooman:



  • New Interview with Jody Miller

    Jody Miller as part on Atlanta Early Music Alliance interviewed me at the residence of Bill and Pat Shropshire...it was an enjoyable conversation!


  • Great audience for Harpsichord Concert!

    Great audience for Harpsichord Concert!


  • Concerts with Atlanta Baroque Orchestra

    Concerts with Atlanta Baroque Orchestra

    Last weekend, I had the pleasure of performing with the Atlanta Baroque Orchestra. This top notch ensemble was featured in a program entitled "Resound":

    Always on the lookout to create experiences that engage and delight in new ways, we've invited pairs of world-class vocalists and musicians to join us for a repertoire, not often performed. Joining directors Julie Adrijesksi and Evan Few are special guests countertenor Reginald Mobley, who reunites with ABO favorite Nathan Medley; and recorder player Daphna Mor makes her ABO debut as well as Caroline Robinson, organ and harpsichord, with returning guest artist Sian Ricketts. Join us for a program of brilliant and intimate music by the “English Orpheus” Henry Purcell and his colleagues!



  • *New Works! New commissions*

    Commissions by Scott Hyslop, and new works for several choirs are up on my Sheetmusic press site:


  • *Harpsichord concerts!*

    *Harpsichord concerts!*

    Two recent harpsichord concerts highlighted the beauty of my new Flemish double manual harpsichord, built by Lynn Krajewski in 1991. Next performance will be during the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Friday March 25th @ 7:30 in St. Joseph Church, 830 Poplar street, Macon 31201.
    Hope to see you there!

  • Gregory accept new position at Historic Church

    Gregory accept new position at Historic Church

    Dear Friends:
    I would like to announce, that I have accepted an offer to become Director of Music at St. Josephs' Parish in Macon Ga. It will be a joy to serve in this historic community! I thank you for your prayers, and especially still needed, as I will be farther away from my children. Y'all are invited to visit at any time! Macon is a fascinating place, in the midst of Civil War history, and unique architecture.

  • Just out from Paraclete Press:

    Just out from Paraclete Press:
  • Sarabande for These Distressed Times performer at the Reformed church in Nice, France.

    Sarabande for These Distressed Times performer at the Reformed church in Nice, France.
  • Press Release
    The Virtual Harpsichord Concert Series!
    Four Sundays at 4!
    February 7, 14, 21, 28

    Please join me, go to My Facebook page: Scroll down news feed:

    Please consider donating to my creative mission!

    Concert 1 Sunday February 7@ 4:00 Central Standard Time
    French Baroque Gems
    Gaspard La Roux Suite in F
    Louis Couperin Chaconne
    Jean-Nicolas Geoffrey Suite in c
    Armand Louis Couperin Le Caron

    Concert 2 *Sunday February 14th @ 4:00*Central Standard Time
    Across the Channel – French and English Masterpieces
    Henry Purcell Suite in C
    Lambert Chamont Suite in g
    Henry Dumont Suite
    Francois Couperin 8 Preludes

    Concert 3 *Sunday February 21st @ 4:00*Central Standard Time
    Handel and the Wannabes
    Pieter Bustijn Suite in G
    Georg Boehm Prelude Fugue and Postlude.
    Johann Jakob Froberger Suite in c (Tombeau de Msr. Blancrochet)
    George Frederick Handel Suite in e (with reconstructed Courante and Prelude)

    Concert 4 *Sunday February 21th @ 4:00*Central Standard Time
    Bach The Summit
    Two Contrapuncti from Art of Fugue.
    Prelude in Eb arr. Doris Ornstein (from Cello Suite 3)
    French Suite in Eb.
    Chaconne from the violin partita

  • Sarabande in Time of Distress
    During this time of trial, artists and musicians across the world have been incredible in creating new work, new ways of communicating art and connecting with people. As a small, contribution I offer this piano work:
    Sarabande in Time of Distress.
    This is being offered free...if you cannot print the score out, please e-mail me at ghmus7@hotmail.com

  • *Couperin "Messe pour les Convents"*

    *Couperin "Messe pour les Convents"*

    Director of Sacred Music, Dr. Gregory Hamilton,
    with the Schola Cantorum of Holy Trinity Seminary,
    Presented the Couperin Messe pour les Convents
    in concert at the seminary November 10th. The schola
    sang the Missa de St. Ceclie (Tone VI) (Paris, 1687)
    Well done guys!

  • NEW CD Announced!

    RosaMystica announces a new CD entitled HYMNS

    The CD features compositions for Organ and Piano from the last 15 years, by Gregory Hamilton, based on Hymn Tunes form the Christian Heritage.

    In celebration of this release, here is an interview with the composer
    and musicologist and hymnologist Arliss Sempian:

    Interview with the artist by Arliss Sempien

    So why this CD of hymns? Aren’t hymns kind of provincial and not real music? Aren’t they low class and not really art music?

    Well, those terms seem rather arbitrary! I do wish to make the point that I am impressed with the huge swath of inspiration that these little melodies have inspired in so many great composers – I mean just look at Bach, those little Lutheran melodies of say 8 bars inspired all those wonderful cantatas, the organ works (the Great 18 etc…) the monumental passion settings etc. If you look at the melodies, they really are baby simple and you would have no way to know of the river of polyphonic greatness that was to flow from those unpretentious little tunes. And we could mention so many other composers, the Palestrina parody masses, Mendelssohn – the Lobesgan and Reformation symphonies…And not to mention French composers such as Dom Paul Benoit (shameless plug - see my series of recordings of this composer on this label)….Tournemie, Durufle, and so many others. Even if these tunes are not “Art Music” in the sense of the Classical Music Canon, I’d be hard pressed to find another repertoire that has inspired so much great music. Every day publishers come out with new works on these very same tunes…they are icons.
    And, I think there is a certain power in that these are tunes that the Christian people have sung for centuries. They have entered into the universal consciousness of believers of every sort. And we can see that in each tradition this flowering of a unique kind of song of hymnody that is of course wedded to the beliefs, distinctions, liturgy and culture of a particular community. What is fascinating, is that in some cases, the composer or author is known, but in some cases these tunes came out of a community response to faith, - a huge example of this is the vast repertoire of Gregorian Chant. None of the authors are recorded! (see the fine book The Advent Project) Certainly this hymnody is vast – from Chant, with its thousand year old history, to the Reformation and it’s movements, to Pietistic and Evangelical churches, of course the Anglicans (“they sang like angels” as the Venerable Bede noted) Methodism, Psalm singing in the Reformed churches, (which fostered many beautiful tunes) Gospel churches of Black, white yellow, you name it…it’s as if each of these communities has a particular charism ( to borrow and Catholic term) to contribute – an idea I find quite inspiring!

    Ok. So why do you think you have something to offer to this historical deluge?

    Well, the listener will have to judge whether my little offerings are worthy of being attended to. I have enjoyed hymnody over my whole life and have played hymns in worship just about every day of my life. My present ‘real job’ requires me to play for 16 services a week, and there is a wide variety of hymnody sung. So…I guess my offering is simply one composers’ response to this repertoire – of living with it, allowing it to percolate within and offering a response that perks my creative interest. I might also add that I have created hundreds of hymn – based works, and many have been published, these are only some that I consider worthwhile to present.

    Well, some of the settings are fairly tame perhaps even boring, but some of them like “Variations – Amazing Grace” and the “Castlewood Fanfare” are pretty hard to stomach, don’t you think?

    Hmm. I thought you were going to be considerate! Well if someone doesn’t like it, try the next piece, I make no apologies, as I think one’s inspiration should not be limited to a particular style. I guess in the case of the Amazing Grace Variations, I wanted to write something that was more than a simple sort of syrupy response. I mean, consider the (apocryphal?) story of Newton on the slave ship. How deliciously fitting that this hymn became a staple of the African America Spiritual repertoire. I wanted to tap into this history…and some of the other variations perhaps illustrate this dramatic and varied history. I mean the hymn has been interpreted in just about every musical style known to man, so I don’t think it’s really that far our…however one thing I kind of like about this set is that the theme is in 4/4 which you don’t realize till later….
    And I see these strange titles like “Crazy Toccata”, you think you are a pretty funny guy yea?
    I’ve been told that occasionally, yes…

    Well we can continue this interview when you stop congratulating yourself…

    Oh, BTW, the Wikipedia article on this hymn is well, done: we include it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazing_Grace...
    Oh, and I have to include this quote by Steve Turner: "marriage made in heaven ... The music behind 'amazing' had a sense of awe to it. The music behind 'grace' sounded graceful. There was a rise at the point of confession, as though the author was stepping out into the open and making a bold declaration, but a corresponding fall when admitting his blindness.”

    Is there a setting you most enjoy on this CD?
    I am partial to the Castlewood setting I think this tune by Richard Proulx is a fine hymn, and one of the best of the modern age. Of course, I greatly revere Proulx, and I’ve included settings of two of his hymns on this CD. Music of his music is quite fine…and the O Sacred Head. I think they work musically as narratives, as to whether they are quality music, I look forward to hearing people’s reactions –they can always send comments positive or negative to my website. You know, composers want reactions even if they hate - it that shows someone was affected by it.

    You write in many different styles, what does this mean for your overall output? And what do you see in the future?

    I don’t really know. I just find composing to be necessary to my mental health. Of course I want people to play my music (every composer has works that they wish people would play more often!) I want to find time to complete some larger projects that I have been tending to – a Large orchestral realization of the Magnificat – another hymn that I have absorbed nearly every day…perhaps the hymn of all hymns, It’s turning out to be quite large scale, so in anyone wants to premiere it, I am open.

    We will stop this interview before we have any more plugs, but thank you for your time.

    Hey this is my CD right? Anyway, you are most welcome.

    ©Arlis Sempien 2019

  • Cellist Mirel Iancovici plays "Hymn of Peace"

    Cellist Mirel Iancovici plays "Hymn of Peace"

    Cellist Mirel Iancvici is the professor of cello at the Conseratoriaum, Utrecht. He recently gave a muti - cello concert the the conseravotorium in Maastricht, in which he performed the "Hymn of Peace".

  • *Madame Mason passed at 92*

    There are no words to give justice to the influence Madam Mason had on my life....here is the NYT obituary and I was honored to he interviewed. Her passing is truly the end of an era.


  • Gregory gives Impromptu concert on Bach's birthday.

    Gregory gives Impromptu concert on Bach's birthday.

    Dr. Hamilton gave an impromptu concert of Bach organ works at Holy Trinity Seminary, on Bach's birthday.

  • New CD Release!

    The new CD has been released on RosaMysica Recordings:

    Works of Dom Paul Benoit Vol. I
    Gregory Hamilton, organ
    Recorded at Holy Trinity Seminary, Dallas on the Ross King Organ

    Available on Amazon and other Streaming services:


  • A comment from Dr. Andrew Mead - Professor of Composition and Theory at The University of Michigan.

    A comment from Dr. Andrew Mead - Professor of Composition and Theory at The University of Michigan.

    "...I have finally had a chance to listen to most of your disk, and many
    thanks for it! I hope some time to experience your whole flute and
    organ work, with narration. What I hear here is very beautiful, and
    fits the implied texts very well. But what really blows me away are
    the Schubert variations! What a terrific piece! They suit the
    original very well, but are very original in their own right -
    congratulations! I look forward to listening to that piece again very
    much. Haven't gotten to the rest yet, but will write when I do."

  • Dom Paul Benoit; Organ Works, Vol. 1 soon to be released
    The first CD is a projected series of recording of the music if Dom Paul Benoit will soon be released on RosaMystica Records.The CD is in the final stages of production, and was recorded on the Ross King Organs at Holy Trinity Seminary. Stay Tuned for availability.

  • Pipedreams features Hamilton's compositions for AGO convention

    Pipedreams Show features Hamilton's compositions for AGO convention

    The NPR show "Pipedreams" features performances from the 2016 American Guild of Organists convention in Houston. One of the featured performances is "Fanfare on Castlewood" played beautifully by organist Chase Loomer at the Catherdral of the Sacred Heart.


  • NEW RECORDING of a rare work by Olivier Messiaen
    Hamilton releases on his youtube channel: A first recording of a rare work by Olivier Messiaen: Déchiffrage I from 1934
    Morceau de Lecture a Vue pour les Examens de piano de l'Ecole Normale de Musique.


    From Messiaen; Peter Hill and Nigel Simone: "Messiaen's military service continued through the summer of 1934. During this time, he composed examination pieces for the Ecole Normale, including sight-reading tests (as he reported to Arrieu on 23 july). At least one of these sight-reading pieces has been published: twenty bars long and marked "Lent, expressif", the Morceau de lecture a vue pour les Examens de piano de l'Ecole Normale de Musique: Déchiffrage I appeared as the musical suppliment in Le Monde musical for October 31, 1934".

  • A Plethora of New Works
    There are quite a few new works and premiers this year from Gregory. Lorenz Publishers continues to regularly publish organ works, for its regular and special publications; The Organist, and The Sacred Organ Journal, over 20 works have been featured.
    Composer/Organist Dr. Gregory Hamilton (Dallas AGO member) World Library brought out Ten Gregorian Preludes, Cantica Nova will be bringing out a volume of Alternate Hymn Harmonizations, and Parclete Press will publish I Wonder as I Wander (for SATB, piano and flute).
    Three works were recently accepted for the Houston AGO convention (Bayoubüchlein):
    Fanfare: Come to us Creative Spirit (CASTLEWOOD), Prelude PECAN STREET and PESCOR DE HOMBRES.
    Houston organist Jackson Osborn will premiere a large organ work: In Nomine, a variation and fugue work based on the In Nomine by Thomas Tallis.
    Several New works are published by Sheet Music Plus:
    Three Pieces for Viola and Piano (also a version for Bassoon and Piano)

    In addition, he presented a Lenten recital for St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Dallas, (Michael Conrady, Music Director) of works by Dom Paul Benoit.

  • Hymn of Peace, for Cello and Piano, performed by Diane Winder, Cello, and the composer, piano.

  • "Jubilate Deo" for organ, by Dom Paul Beoit; from the upcoming release on Rosa Mystica Recordings.


  • Improvisation #16, with art by Maurice Denis:


  • Videos form "Cupids New Arms of Love"- the Orchestra of New Spain - A great production. Gregory is playing theorbo in the orchestra.

  • Three winners for AGO competition
    Three winning pieces by Gregory have been selected for AGO (American Guild of Organists) Houston 2016 Bayoubüchlein Competition. The three pieces are organ works on 20th century tunes' Castlewood" "Pecan Street", and "Pescorores des Hombres". All three will be published in the upcoming volume by Selah publishers, and Castlewood will be performed at the AGO conference in June.

  • A new Premiere given by Jackson Osborn
    Virtuoso organist Jackson Osborne will present a recital at the Santa fe NM National Winter Conference presented by the St. Basil School of Chant".(St. Thomas university, Houston) The concert will take place 7:30 February 2nd at First Presbyterian Church in Santa fe. Mr. Osborn will present a new organ work by Hamilton, "In Nomine", which is is an extended organ work on the theme of "In Nomine" by Thomas Tallis. The work may be found on the Sheet Music Plus site.
    This marks the fifth work that Mr. Osborn has premiered by Hamilton, thank you Jackson!
    Kudos to the great creative work Mr. Jackson and Mr. Lovell are doing for Sacred Music.


  • New work by Paraclete Press
    Paraclete press will publish "I Wonder as I Wander" for SATB, flute and piano (Organ).

  • Hamilton's works on Sheet Music Plus

    A large portion of Gregory's works are available as instant downloads on Sheet Music plus.


    Search under Gregory Hamilton

    Organ works, chamber music from the Illuminations CD, piano and orchestral music, hymn arrangements etc!

  • Jackson Osborn gives premiere

    Houston virtuoso Jackson Osborn gave a wonderful premier performance of the work he commissioned from Gregory, z%Three Trios on Immensa Trinitas. %Three three voice trios on the Trinity! The cantus firmus migrates from the bass in the first trio to the middle voice Tierce en taille, to the top voice in the last trio. The work was given the usual Osborn panache as well as fine performance of works by Bach. Tournimiere and others. The recital was given at Holy Trinity Seminary on the new Ross King organ.

  • Lorenz Publishes Hamilton
    The Lorenz company has published over a dozen of Hamilton's works this year. A wide variety of organ music has been released, from hymn-based preludes, to variations and free works for liturgy or concert. Thanks to Douglas Wagner, editor.


  • 10 Chant Preludes out!
    World Library has just released 10 Chant preludes for organ in its organ music series. The publication features accessible arrangements of the most well known chant tunes - eternal music.


  • Hamilton is named 'composer in residence' for All Saints
    Gregory has been named 'composer in residence' at all Saints parish, Don Essmiller music director. All Saints Parish in Dallas has one of the most highly developed and cultured music programs in the city, and is widely considered a model for the Catholic Liturgy.
    Dr. Hamilton has written a number of new works for All Saints, including a new choral arrangement of "Lo How a Rose" premiered this past Christmas, as well as orchestrations for full orchestra and choir of hymns and liturgical music.

  • New score from World Library Publications

    WLP (also J. Paulach) will be bringing out a volume of works by Gregory for organ, based on Gregorian Chant. The works are intended to introduce organists to chant, and include a variety of styles suited for the intermediate organist. Publication date to be announced.

  • New premiere scheduled for May

    Virtuoso Organist Jackson Osbourne will present a major new organ work by Gregory Hamilton. The new work is titled Three Psalm Pictures, Second Set and is the second set of these compositions for organ.
    The premiere is part of Mr. Osbourne's concert in May 20th, 2012 at Our Lady of Walsingham Church in Houston Tx. Other works will be by Ropek, Langlais and Bach. Stay tuned for more details.

  • New music release from Augsburg Fortress
    Augsburg Fortress publishers has just released Piano Blessings,
    A collection of original hymn-tune preludes.
    This marks the third collection of piano music of Gregory's to be published by Augsburg.
    Go to:

  • Organ Re-dedication in Fort Worth

    Dr. Hamilton played the re-dedication recital on the 1923 kilgen organ at St. Mary's of the Assumption church in Fort Worth tx. The organ, one of the last remaining historic organs inFort Worth was restored by the Roy Redmond organ company.

  • Organ Rededication in Mckinney Texas.

    On April 3rd 2011 at 6:00, St. Michaels' Church in Mckinney Tx. hosts the rededication of their fine Ross King organ. Featured artists are music director Valerie Stagaman, Donald Fishel, flute and many others.



  • New Work "The Lamentation"
    A new work for piano; "The Lamentation" was premiered on March 16th 2011 at the University of Dallas. The work is an extended reflection (15 min) on the Icon of the Lamentation. Stay tuned for other performances.

  • CD by Gregory Hamilton Released!

    A new cd by Gregory had been released on RosaMystica!

    Illuminations, Chamber Music of Gregory Hamilton

    Go to cdbaby to hear and purchase! -


  • Commissions Avaliable!
    Dr. Hamilton is now accepting commissions for new compositions from churches, schools choirs, chamber ensembles, orchestras and solo instrumentalists. Feel free to contact me to chat about your project and make it a reality!

  • Five Psalm Pictures received world premiere.

    The Five Psalm Pictures, with Amanda Anne Landry as lector,
    received their world premiere at St. Theresa church in July of '08.
    The colorful pieces were well received by the appreciative audience.
    Gregory also played American works by University of Michigan composer James Aikman (Postlude a world premiere), Charles Callahan and also early American keyboard music from the 18th century.
    The Five Psalm Pictures have been performed in Ann Arbor as part of the AGP festival. Also, Marilyn Mason's students performed Prelude for Madame in a program of music dedicated to and commissioned by her.

  • The Symphonic Organ
    We had excellent attendance at my recent recital at St. Theresa Church; "The Symphonic Organ" which featured works of Bach, Dale Wood, Dom Paul Benoit and Cesar Franck. Many thanks to those in attendance!

  • Cathedral Dedication
    I conducted my commissioned arrangement of "The Church's One Foundation for the opening Processional in April 08 for the Dedication Mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston. The setting is scored for full orchestra, and choir, and includes choral settings of the Introits for the Dedication of a Church. With an orchestra of 60, a choir of 110 plus organ and 2000+ congregation, it was a literal blast. The setting is 12 min., and I recived many kind and gracious comments from the choir and orchestra members. Also, I conducted the world premiere of Naji Hakim's Megalanarion of Pacha with the Dedication Choir. Congratulations to the other directors; Kevin Klotz, Chris Popelka, Sarah Black and all who participated in this historic event!

  • Concert Series at St. Theresa Church
    In celebration of the new Aeolian-Skinner-Quimby Pipe organ, (3M/ 53rks) St. Theresa Church is hosting a
    First Friday Concert Series.
    From May through November of '07, the church featured one concert a month. Gregory performed five of the programs, each concert highlighting an aspect of the organ repertoire:

    The Dedication of the Organ (Bach, Benoit Diemer)
    -featuring the St. Theresa Choir
    The Beauty of the French Baroque
    -featuring the St. Theresa Gregorian Schola
    American Inspirations (featuring a new permiere by Hamilton)
    The Great Buxtehude
    -featuring the St. Theresa Mixed Schola
    In addition, the Houston organ virtuoso Dr. Joanna Eliott performed
    to a large a receptive crowd.

    Several of the concerts also featured the church's beautiful 1985 Hubbard Harpsichord.

    See more at http://www.sttheresasugarland.org

  • Rome Pilgrimage
    Dr. Hamilton has been appointed music director for the Rome Pilgrimage Choir, which is travelling to Rome, for the Costistuery mass for Archbishop Daniel deNardo, who has been named a Cardinal. There will be a number of masses with the choir, including a mass at the historic Basilica of St. Mary Maggiore. Choral works will include Ubi Caritas by Durufle and Ave Verum by William Byrd.

  • Recitals and Performances
    In September, Gregory was invited to present an organ recital at St. Benedict's Abbey, in Atchison Kansas. The recital was part of the abbey's 100 year Centenary Festival The Abbot of St. Benedict's was a cantor in the Veni Creator suite by DeGringny. Gregory also performed a recent work Fantasia: Amazing Grace.

    Breath of the Spirit is slated to be performed by Duo Pneuma (Marilyn Mason, organ, Donald Fishel flute,) at the 2006 Festival Toussant in Brussles, Belguim. The Duo will also perform movements
    from the work at First Presbyterian Church, in Farmington Michigan

    The duo will also perform the cycle for the 45th University of Michigan Organ Conference, October 1st.